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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super is the New Awesome

How cool was the game tonight? How many of you writhed in agony at the many near missed touch downs by the Steelers? How many of you were jumping up screaming, "Go Go Go!!!" at the amazing 100 yard touchdown by James Harrison? The crazy attempt by the Steelers to get that last score in? Not once but, twice, and three times finally score...CRAZY!!

My husband is such a freak of nature with his sports addiction in general, let alone when one of his favorite teams are playing. He'll root for little league...all the way up to the pro's. So imagine his anxiety level at tonight's game.

I think hands down - this was the BEST Superbowl ever played. I feel incredibly sad for Kurt Warner, as he's an amazing QB and person, but I'm rejoicing right now for me and my family. Our team won an AWESOME game. The Card's should feel proud, not just because they were a part of a game that will go down in history, but because they played really well. Both teams played hard and with heart.

My son before going to bed tonight told me, "I just watched the best game of my life."

I have to agree!
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