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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real Life

I wanted to apologize if it's seemed my posts have been slim lately, but I've had so many things going on in my real life that it's left me with little to no time.

Lately life hasn't been spent enough with my friends and family as much as I'd like, as I think we all tend to hibernate in the winter. Once Spring hits, we'll all be out & about again like this picture above. BUT life has definitely kept me on my toes.

I've been contacted by a production company in London to work with them on some projects, so my mind and time has been very full. The sequel for Finding Kylie is still on, but I'm splitting my time between the two projects. This week I'm speaking at my old University as an 'author' and am not sure I'll have anything interesting to say, but when asked to do these things...you do so whole heartedly. Next week, I'm driving to Tulsa for the FOX morning show for an interview. They contacted me last week, and it's an honor to be asked to do this as well.

So please don't think I'm ignoring my blogging...just know I'm doing what I can - when I can without sacrificing time for my son and family. Thank you so much for your support and continued interest in my book and this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you!


Also if you're a member of good reads, there's a contest there. Could you vote for Finding Kylie at this link?
Thank you!
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