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Monday, February 09, 2009

Cozy and Comfy

So since I've been partially unemployed/self employed I've taken to all my husband's sweatshirts. In fact, some of my favorites are his newest ones that were either birthday or Christmas gifts from this past year. He's not even had a chance to wear them as I've monopolized them all!

Yesterday, he walked in as I was playing with my son. I let my boy play sports in the house like basketball or hockey. We've got indoor goals, plastic pucks, nerf basketballs...so I have safe zones away from all my breakables, where we play. We happened to be playing hockey yesterday when my husband walked in the room, as it was his turn to play and mine to take a break.

I had on yet another one of his sweatshirts. I think it's been bothering him a bit because he gave me that look & asked, "You've got on another one? "

I nodded and smiled.

"Why are you wearing all my sweatshirts?"
"Because they're cozy and comfy...they make me feel close to you."

He gave me yet another one of his looks and replied, "Yah, that's why I wear your underwear."

Side note, he doesn't really wear my undies...he's just a smart ass!

Just another day in my home, with both of my comedians to keep me busy.

The good news is...that it's almost spring so I won't have his sweatshirts to wear much longer. I'd soon graduate to his T-shirts! :)
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