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Saturday, February 28, 2009

20 years seriously?

So on top of everything I've been up to, I'm also coordinating my 20 year high school reunion. I can't believe it's been that long!! I went to two high schools...the first in Woodbridge, Virginia and the second in Okinawa, Japan; Kubasaki High School...the dragons..

Forever Young was our class song and we thought we'd never get old. I look back to all that some of my alumni have done in lfe and I'm proud of each and every one! To list a few success stories, we have an:

*Olympic Gold Medalist in the 2008 Olympics
*Actor/Producer in London
*Mentor and Public Speaker with Rich Dad Poor Dad
*Many amazing officers serving our country
*Executives in the travel/hotel industry
*DJ's in foreign countries

Those are off the top of my head...the others who are just as important and are just as successful in their fields hold positions in the media, film, education, government, motherhood, fatherhood, the oil industry...the list goes on. These although more quiet successes, are equally impressive. I'm very proud of my classmates and friends, and can't wait to see them next summer.

Here's the thing..

When we get together it's never about what we've done, or how successful some of them are. It's always about our bond and amazing friendships. At a military school overseas, we were thrown together - all classes, races, religions, and creeds - and expected to get along.

There were no cliques...well there were those who had their friendships...but no one was left out from any friendship circle.

We all were in the same boat, in a far away land, learning to survive. No one can understand what it was like to be us, in that time or place. So this is why we love each other like brother and sister, still to this day, and because we were banded together then ... we only now can truly appreciate just how special and unique it was.

I can't believe it's been 20 years!
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