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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Family Circle

My mom is working on a centennial project for her old high school. Her school unfortunately had a big fire a looong time ago, and all the archives were burned with it. All the original files from the early 1900's were gone forever.

So she's been calling children of children to see if they may have old yearbooks or photos to use for this project. At the same time, I'm scanning them in to store and re-stock the archives. This last week she actually found someone, who had an original copy of the first yearbook and she's so excited. So am I! It held so many cool pics of my grandparents. The one above is my grandmother's sophomore high school pic.

It's a labor of love for my mother, and for me as I get to see old pictures of my grandmother and grandfather before they were even married. I lost my grandparents in my twenties, and miss them so badly. I would encourage you to read a little about them here, as it will explain why they were so special.

This is the school's first women's basketball team, which my grandmother was a part of. I didn't even know she played, as my sister and I did when we were in high school. She's the one holding the ball.

My grandparents were one in a million, and I can't wait one day to join them in heaven. They were such strong Christians, who loved and cared for everyone they met. They were a fine example of what it was to love like Christ, and I wish everyone had someone like them in their lives.

This pic is when they were just friends, before they were dating. My grandfather was on the back row, second to the right. My grandmother, on the front row ... second to the right.

I think old pictures are so cool. And today I just needed to remember them. Sharp dressed pics and all. I love you Grama and Papa.
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