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Thursday, October 30, 2008


We had our second date night in a month! Look out, we may actually have some couple time here. Woo Hoo! We've not done that in sooo long. Our fine city has our first NBA league. ESPN has been hating on us for it too. I'm so tired of all the sports media bad mouthing OKC and taking shots at our city. Personally I'm excited for us and the team. The Hornet's record improved drastically when they played here, because our city embraced them and supported them. I know it will be the same with the Thunder.

This pic above is our first shot when we entered the Ford Center, in downtown, to watch our first NBA game! They had bands playing everywhere...entertainers all over the place...C&C Music Factory had a pre-game concert. It was like a big party. We were all loving it.

My bil and sil playing NBA video games. She kicked his butt. They had TV and game systems set up all over the arena.

The view from our season ticket seats. It was in what they call Loud City. We had so much fun.

A little pre-game excitement with fireworks and some lighting. Clay Bennett even came out to say a few words. His wife is sisters with my former boss (well my boss's boss's boss's boss. She owned the company I worked for).
I could see all 4 of them on the front row down a the end of the court.

The tip off to a slow game against the Milwaukee Bucs. The Thunder weren't very aggressive. They re-bounded the opposing team's missed goals, but almost never got their own rebounds. They'd shoot it in and never try to recover it...and 97% of the time...they'd miss the shot. You'd think their coach would enforce - GET YOUR OWN BALL - REBOUND IT OR DO 100 LAPS BOYS! I know they had to be a little nervous, as it was their first game in a new city. I know they did fairly well last week in their first pre-season game. I expect they'll do better as time goes on.

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