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Friday, October 03, 2008

Meme on!

tagged me with a fun meme, and it's been a while since I've done one. And then I read Terri at her blog with the meme she just did. It inspired me to mix my meme up a little.

Here are the regular rules for the 6 quirky things about me meme:

* Post the rules on your blog
* Write 6 random things about yourself
* Tag 6 people

Here are my rules:

I'm gonna post 5 things, instead of 6, about me that have multiple choice answers. They're all a little quirky, so any of them could be the right answer ... heck there maybe more than one right answer. So have fun trying to figure me out.

I'm extremely competitive and ...

a) get very anxious playing my son or husband in any sport at home because I've got to win.

b) won't bet unless I know it's a sure thing. I've hardly ever lost a bet.

c) can't even relax while learning something new and shouldn't be the best yet, but still expect to be.

d) feel the need to even win 'rock - paper - scissors' or thumb-wars against my DH.

Whenever I mean to do or say something that doesn't come out right, I pop out with ...

a) Oh, did I do that?

b) O, just kiddin'

c) Seriously?

d) Not even!


I can speak these languages:

a) German

b) Pidgin

c) Japanese

d) Spanish


I was once on ...

a) a yaught in the Pacific ocean with photographers, and the owner of it was a friend to the Yakuza.

b) a first date which was held on military ship. The military officer, who invited me couldn't leave, b/c he had to work. He made me dinner, and I got the grand tour.

c) a runway, walking the cat-walk. It was for a nationally televised fashion show in Japan.

d) spring break, where I went bungee jumping in Padre, while in college.


In my life I've ...

a) had to do crowd control at Rick Springfield's concert & ended up doing the bouncer's job by the stage front.

b) sunbathed al-la natural on my parent's back deck, which was upstairs so no one could see me. I though no one was home, until my dad walked in on me getting rid of my sun tan lines. I've never done that again!

c) learned to play the guitar, and the piano.

d) run 3 marathons.

What are the answers? Who should do this next? I'd be interested in seeing how BusyDad does his. Also Meg would have fun with this. Tara, at IfMomSaysOK needs to have a crack at it. And that's it ... I'm not pushing it on anyone else.

I look forward to seeing which of those random facts belong to me!
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