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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wedding of My Dreams

My sister got engaged over a month ago with the promise of a small intimate wedding, only inviting immediate family and a few close friends. I wanted this day to be the most special day of her life, and I know it was.

We'd originally planned in on the golf greens, by the pond, behind my parent's house. BUT...with Ike and every storm prior...the rain was non-stop and the ground was muddy. The reception was to be in my mother's gardens, which were to be decorated as a Japanese garden with twinkle lights and lanterns. Again...the rain...

The rain did not let up...so by Wednesday my parents went to plan B--my mother's living room and garage for the wedding and reception. You would think this would be a big let down...but it wasn't. For one the rain stopped on her wedding day and the sun shone bright welcoming our event. It was a huge blessing. For two, our florist (who we used for my wedding of 450) transformed my mothers house and garage into a beautiful Hawaiian Wedding dream. It looked as if we'd planned it that way from the beginning.

My sister seriously was and is the most beautiful bride I'd ever ever seen....much prettier than I was. She had this elegance about her that captured everyone, especially her groom and his little boy.

Her flowers were amazing...a Hawaiian bouquet with orchids infused with teal, ginger, bird of paradise, and a few more Hawaiian treasures. Mine was a mini of hers. They're the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen.

This day, since I helped in planning a looot of it, was the wedding of my dreams. To finally let go of it isn't something I was ready to do, but by midnight my feet and back were screaming for me too.

If you're reading this my dear sister...I love you and my new BIL so much. I'm very happy for you both that you found someone who appreciates who you are. I'm very honored to have been a part of it, and to get to deliver the speech I'd planned. I'm so glad I didn't stumble through it. Thank you.....
Me and my sister pre-wedding...getting hair and make up done. I did everyone's makeup.
A quick close up of her bouquet.

A picture I captured of the happy couple.

Isn't love grand???
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