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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Words ...


I used to attend the games with my husband before my son was born. We got season tickets the season before I got pregnant. Then motherhood hit and football was something I could watch from home, as my husband made the trek to Norman. Being at home with my little one was more my speed.

Now that he's five, I'm ready to get a sitter and get back to the games. Next season, we'll get an extra ticket to make it a family event for the three of us. Even though it's already a huge family event.

My husband, sister, brother-in-law, and mother-in-law all go in on a bunch of tickets so that we all can go cheer on our team. My husband's first love after his family of course, is sports. Since this was his birthday weekend, I figured it would be a perfect game to attend with him and my sis.

The weather was awesome. The Sooners kicked big time TCU butt. And my son had a great time at his Nana's house, while we kicked it in the stadium. What a wonderful day for football.

Go Sooners!

I just had to add a few more:

My niece, me, and my sis.

The view from behind me. The jumbo-tron is massively huge, but there was also a huge 6 .5 foot tall dude right behind me. I kept getting vertigo when I'd turn to watch the screen.

My SIL, me and my DH.

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