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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to Slow Down

Today's my day off, and I'm relaxing this morning. My son is asleep and hopefully on the mend.
He had an allergic reaction to his antibiotics yesterday. He's rejecting more of them as he goes along...just like me. I'm allergic to most of them. :<

Please pray that we get his health figured out today. We've got a doctor's appt. today to follow up after this weekend's ER trip.

As of now...
The weather today is completely fallish. I'm in my PJ's. The house is quiet. AND I got good sleep last night. So in this moment....I can relax. It's a good morning.

This week has been so hectic that is so nice to take some time to slow down....do nothing. And wait for next week's ramp up for my sister's wedding. That means... people in town, activities to plan, pictures to work on, and energy abound, which I'm so excited for. Seeing my sister happy with the man that loves her so much, is such a huge blessing.

I'll leave you today with one quote from my son, who said this when meeting two of his great-great uncles this week for the first time.

"Mom, they're a lot older than Papa. That means they're going to heaven REAL soon, right?"

If only he hadn't blurted that out in front of them loudly, instead of whispering it in my ear.
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