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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Marchies and so forth...

When I was little I had my pretend friends. It eventually narrowed down to one...Kai'm, which sounds like Kay-I'm. I think I used my own name, Kim, and basically took the hard K and the I'm and made my name into a funky cooler one.

Kai'm was my constant companion...so much so that during one of ours moves, which we did every two to three years, my mom told me that she was locking up the empty house and leaving her inside. 'Kai'm was not to be coming with us.'

After driving a few seconds down the road, I screamed, "STOP!" My mom screeched on the brakes, almost causing an accident, and asked what it was....

I responded simply that Kai'm was swinging in the trees - trying to catch up to us. I remember her pushing the gas harder saying that Kai'm was definitely staying behind.

That was the last I saw of my pretend friend. I don't remember missing her after that, as I knew she wasn't really real. BUT she was real for me when I needed her and she served her purpose...endless hours of entertainment.

My son has the same curious and obvious creative spirit. He drew a picture up there for me. Those are his Marchies. They're little people that live in our carpet, that go everywhere with him. He was born in March, so I assume that is how they got their name. His Marchies scoot in his back pack to go to school. They are about a centimeter tall and flew their own plane to Hawaii, to go on vacation with us. They're a friendly group of beings that keep my son entertained.

He has graduated some I guess, as JEFF GORDON is now also his pretend best friend. He's determined you see to grow up, to relplace number 24, and race to beat Jeff Gordon. His friend Jeff Gordon looks just like my son. And now he's got a group of Jeff friends....Jeff Couch, Jeff Chair, Jeff Roof, Jeff Ceiling, Jeff Carpet....Jeff just about anything. They all look like my son, like racing, and play hard.

I love my son's mind and am blessed to see it in action. I can't wait to see what type of creative things he'll come up with as he gets older.
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