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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking the plunge...

Okay so my family is heading to Hawaii, more specifically...Maui, in July for a family wedding.

I was raised on Oahu, so we're stopping over there first to see family I haven't seen since 1995. My son is the same age, 5 yrs, that I was when I lived there the first time. My auntie and uncle couldn't make to Oklahoma for my wedding, and haven't met my other half. So I can't wait to introduce them to my family and take tons of pics of my son in the same places I mugged at....like my school, St. Anthony's...a private Catholic school...the banyon tree in the park...etc. You get the point. It'll be nice to have some family time where I grew up.

We'll have a few days at my aunt's house, and then head to Maui to stay with my in-laws in a house off the beach before we see my brother in law get hitched to the most adorable girl. She's an amazing beautiful girl, who we all just love.

Here's my dilemma(other than finances). We're going to have hmmmm (counting in my head) 9 days over there....so yay I'm excited. But I don't want to (guys stop reading here if you're sensitive to girly stuff) have to deal with shaving and haven't ever gone for a wax in that area.

Where I come from waxing is what you do to a board before hitting the beach! Just how much does it hurt to get a bikini wax? I'm seriously contemplating taking the plunge and just can't imagine someone down there doing anything in full light except my OBGYN. What are the pro's and con's ladies???

Please do tell because I'm trying to make up my mind and your input will help me?
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