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Some days...

Today was one of those days where even though you hold your head up high, the stress from the weeks past takes it's toll.

If you've been reading me at all, you know that my husband's work schedule has been more than crazy...mine too. Some days your body and mind just say enough!

I woke up today and I think if I had time, it would be a day I'd take just for me, but unfortunately I don't have the time. I writing this on the fly before I head out the door for full day of work calling on clients while still having some personal things to take care of.

To give you some background, yesterday was amazing and I will post on it another day this week...but I injured my knee twice in the same spot. The swelling has gone down today, but it left a very large contusion. It looks like two bruises that overlap eachother...well basically that's what it is.

Last night was the first night of full sleep I've had in 2 weeks, and what a blessing that was. I slept so hard that I didn't realize I was sleeping in an awkward position, so I woke up with my back cinched up.

After February's car accident it's a lot more sensitive and doesn't take much to throw out of whack. In result, I couldn't get ready as fast as I would on a normal day which means my make-up didn't get put hair was scraggly as all I could do was dry it without styling it...and my clothes were just what I could grab in a pinch.

My son had some sensitive feelings on the way to dropping him off to school. I want chocolate I want a breakfast burrito. I was too tired to make him ask politely or reprimand him for speaking so rude. And I forgot to give him breakfast before leaving for his school...bad mom! So I stopped through two drive ins to appease him.

After rushing him to class, I checked in at the school office to sign him in. One of his classmates mothers was there and apparently said "hi" twice but I was to intent on focusing on the sign in sheet, struggling to lower my arm to write.

She said hi again, and not only was I embarrassed that I had ignored her but was even more so that she'd seen me looking so ragged. She looked amazing as all the mothers do there. Most of them don't have to work...they're stay at home moms with well off husbands. They spend their time volunteering at school. They're always 'put' together.

I, on the other hand, looked pretty rough. My eyes were puffier than I've ever noticed before (probably the lack of sleep), I was hobbling from my knee injury, and I couldn't turn my head very well due to my neck and back issues today. Compared to the rest of them, I looked like a hobo.

Next thing I know she said, "you have some food on your mouth." (from my son's breakfast burrito) She might have well have said, "you have egg all over your face!" Pun completely intended.

I wiped. I didn't get it b/c she told me it was still there.

"Here," she said. "Let me get that for you." She wiped my face like I was her five year old and my eyes started tearing up.

Seriously why did I have to start crying? I felt like a friggin' charity case and I hate it when I let myself get this way!!

I went to my car and kept crying....what is wrong with me today???

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