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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A sigh for today

This morning both my son's soccer and T-ball games were canceled due to the torrential downpour we've had this week. The skies are finally clear but the fields aren't.

My husband had some early morning errands this morning, so it was just me and my son at home. Around 6:30 a.m. I heard him shuffle into the bathroom to go pee, and then he shuffled on down to my room. My son's never been one, knock on wood, to crawl in our bed at night or sleep with us...but every once in a while if it's early morning he'll just want to finish that last hour of sleep with us.

Today was one of those days. He crawled up on my side, even though my husband's side was empty. We have a huge King bed, but my son crossed the room to the side, where I occupied to crawl over me. He's always got to have contact. He's the baby that when he first popped out, and the doctor layed him on my chest...he instantly just nuzzled. He loves to nuzzle and snuggle.

This morning was no exception. He crawled over me, layed as close to me as he could which resulted in me almost falling off my side of this huge bed. For an hour he slept with either his leg thrown over me, his arm wrapped around my head, or just his foot or hand simply placed on my side. He just needs to know I'm there.

I sigh right now thinking about it. How is it that a child's simple gesture of love makes everything okay? When I'm having a really tough day, all it takes is one of his hugs and everything gets put in perspective.

God gave me such an amazing gift in my son. He's my fix all. Well, they both are.
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