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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My sweetness

I took a nap...I had too. I allowed my son to watch a movie that was PG for the first time, so you'd think I'd stay up to monitor as much as I've got on my soap box on this blog about kids and movies. I tried staying up to watch it with him, but my eyes just couldn't make it.

My husband's work schedule is always crazy, but lately it's more than that. Hmmm...this used to be about my wornoutness due to my schedule and now it's from his plus mine. My husband's erratic schedule has caused some interruptions in my sleep to say the least.

So when my son and I were on the soft comfy couch, the kind that sucks you in when you sit...it was too good to be true.

My five year old woke me up once to make him popcorn and it was like dragging a 100 pound weight to open my eyelids and even harder to make myself get up and walk to the kitchen.

After the movie was over, I woke up to silence. I didn't see my son anywhere and I wondered how long he'd been entertaining himself. I called for him and he came out of his room, where he was going through his toys to decide what to donate. (Of course he decided to keep them all.) I noticed a half eaten bag of popcorn laying behind my legs propped up against the pillows of the couch.

"Hey buddy, thanks for letting me sleep."
"Aww, no problem. You've been real good today mom. You deserved it. I even left you some popcorn to eat. You've been good, sweetie."

Awww...what a doll he is some days....most days. Even this morning at the ball park as I was taking pictures of him and his team mates, he reached his little arm through the chain link fence to rub my back. He whispered, "I love you mom," in the most tender voice.

I am a blessed woman.
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