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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bon Jovi ROCKS

bon jovi

I took this from my phone, so it's not the best quality but I couldn't resist posting anyway.

Vocally Jon sounded better than I remember, plus he's in great shape. The man never stopped for over 2 hours. He shook, rocked and rolled on stage while remembering his fans in every way.

I got a guitar pick from one of his staff members that roamed through the crowd, looking for certain individuals to ask to the stage. I guess I didn't have the look he was going for, because all night he stood right in front of me and picked people right around me to go to the sides of the stage, where they had risers set up for these individuals.

He gave them all these guitar picks...so I thought heck at least I can do is ask him if I can have an extra. He was gracious enough to give me one. I would have loved to go side stage...but my seats were so good that I felt as if I already was.

We were on the front row at the edge of the ice rink. So we were up one level from those on the floor, who have to fight to see over the heads of the crowd. I loved being able to just have my own show without fighting to see around anyone else. AND we were close enough that I could see the sweat gleaming off him. Yah...good seats.

Funny story about BON JOVI...I had a cardboard cut out of him when I was in college. Big hair and all...from his 'Slippery When Wet' look. I had stored my stuff in my grandma's attic during break, so JON went up in grandma's attic until I could have him back in my dorm again.

My grandmother passed away...so my mom, sister, and I were cleaning out her house. We left to go eat and take a break from cleaning her house out, and when we returned the front door was ajar. We just knew we locked it, so we called the cops to check it out before entering.

Long story short...the house was clear but the police officer almost wet himself after entering the dark attic with flash light and gun drawn. He scanned the large room and came across the bigger than life cardboard cut out and thought he'd caught a B&E in progress. When he realized his mistake he almost passed out.

He came down...gave us the all clear and made us laugh in a very sad time in our life. Although we had to say goodbye to all my grandmother's things and home, we always had BON JOVI to thank for the laughter through the pain.

I don't know what happened to that cut out, but I do know that BON JOVI's music always will always be around. He's one that never goes out of style. He evolves through each rock era and preforms brilliantly, while never forgetting his fans!
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