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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family Circle

My husband is such a sweet guy. He was having a snack and picked up my latest mag that was mailed to us...Family Circle. Every once in a while he'll surprise me with some knowledge he'll pick up on handy house tips or kid rearing, and I'll ask him where he heard that from. He just smiles like he's the expert, and I ask if he read it in one of my magazines. "Maybe!" He tilts his head at me, not wanting to admit he pays any attention to them.

Tonight he brought me my Family Circle mag, which I had yet to crack open. "They've got a writing contest...You should enter."

My husband is one of the coolest guys I know, bad habits and all...I love him to pieces. To not only read these girly mags (not those kinds people) but then find something in them to benefit me. I just think that's pretty awesome. (Again not those kind of girly mags)

Although I'm half a chapter away from the end of my manuscript, and trying to figure out how to end the darned thing...I'm seriously considering entering. If only for the fact that my husband has enough faith in my writing abilities. The first prize winner gets $750 and that could go to making a house payment, or toward our Hawaii trip (that's another blog).

I read the first prize winner's entry from last year's contest, which was good, but I knew I could enter something just as good if not better. So cross your fingers for me. Now I have to switch gears and not only be thinking of the best ending for my manuscript, but also be focusing on which piece I want to create for this contest. I've got lots of stories wrapped up in my mind. It's just a matter of fine tuning one and putting it to paper.
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