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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bathroom Etiquette

I recently posted on a how my son just loves our babysitter. Little Sarah is a great girl, who comes over from time to time to give us a night out. We usually use our family, as we're on a tight budget, but we can't rely on them every time.

A few weeks ago, we asked her to sit for a few hours. I had a work function to go to, and my husband could get home from work in time for our schedules to work for our son. She came over to bridge the gap.

Later that night, I got home to see my son and husband playing. I asked how everything went. He raised his eyebrow and said fine. I knew there had to be a story there. After our little guy went to bed, he told me what Sarah informed him about the night's activities.

Apparently when they were playing UNO earlier in the evening, he jumped up and rushed off saying how his tummy hurt. She followed him to the bathroom, but stood out in the hall without seeing in to give him space. She asked if he needed anything. He told her to come in and sit on the tub's edge, as that's what his mommy or daddy sometimes do. So she did.

After he finished going poop, she got up to leave...to let him take care of doing his business. Before she could leave, he bent over...put his hiney in the air and said wipe please!

I can just see the amusement on her face...wondering how she should handle the situation. She told my husband she wiped him clean, but before she was done...my son turned his head up to say, "You're such a pretty girl."

My husband and I laughed our a**** off. Not only does he ask her to do something a little uncomfortable but then he flirts with her in the process. Needless to say I've made sure he knows to wipe himself in the company of others. He does it at school, so there's no need for assistance from a sitter.

As far as the flirting...he's got a green light. He's a cute kid who loves to tell women how pretty they are. I hope he never loses that urge.
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