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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Work in whine

Any mom knows that once you go back to work after a long holiday season, it's hard to get your kids in gear. My son is fighting it so bad. At least it's not a full tantrum so to speak. He's just been whining and complaining, that it's not supposed to be a work day for mommy...that he's supposed to be with me. Don't I wish that were true.

Over the holidays I accomplished a lot. I finally did a 'once over' of my manuscript and fixed all the little bits that needed finessing. I worked out the last chapter, and started putting it down. Now I just have to complete the whole thing to give to my sis for her review.

As far as family and the home: The never ending battle of clutter is cleaned up! Ah-hah! It took five days off, but I did it...yay! (small victory dance) And amazingly enough, I did all the laundry...you actually can see the bottom of an empty laundry basket.

For anyone that knows my family, that's a miracle. There's just three of us, but my two boys quick change a couple times a day. My husband works out and always has at least 3 T-shirts and 2 boxers he dumps in it daily. And of course with a kid, they're always spilling or changing their mind on their attire. So there's constantly an overflowing laundry basket that seems to taunt me every time I walk by it. Finally, we put up all the Christmas decor, which got our living room back to normal status.

I was hoping that taking the tree down this past weekend would help my son get used to the idea that it's time to get back to the grind. As for today, his first day back in full swing, his care taker is picking him up as I'm a little under the weather. He goes back to school Friday. I know once he's there he'll be excited to get back to our routine. He even asked yesterday when he'd be back to school...because he missed his friends and his teachers. I thought that was so so sweet. Man, I wouldn't have cared about school at that age. Gimme a skip day any day...my mom could attest to that.

Next on my project list: (note these are not resolutions--only things to be done by February)
Getting the broken garage door opener replaced
Painting the brick fireplace
Stripping the kitchen's wallpaper to paint (apple or avocado green...can't decide between the 2)
Finish my book

Yay...I'm looking forward to all of it. I hope you all are getting back into your routines effortlessly and comfortably. Happy January.
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