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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little about what I do

I need 4 thousand more dollars to make my month...anyone out there got it? Just kidding. I've got lots in my pipeline to make it happen, but I'm already past the half way mark in the month and it'd be nice if something just 'fell' into my lap. BUT how often does that happen?

A lot of you have asked what is it I do for a living. Well to give you a quick synopsis: I work for a great company that allows me to work part from home. It's a financial solutions company that allows merchants support whenever they either A) pay their own people or B) take payments from customers/consumers. So what does that mean? Simply put, I help anyone with their payroll, credit cards, or check services.

Credit cards is an interesting field. It's the only thing in the financial world that's NOT regulated by the government. That means, as a business owner taking cards, any credit card processor can charge you anything they feel without the government having any say in it. This means you can get miscellaneous fees and surcharges out the yahoo. My company is the only company out there that's worked like the government has had eyes on them since day one.

I educate merchants on our business, by not only explaining how it works but fully disclosing Visa and MasterCard's costs. This means you know what my real profit is and where it lies. No other company readily offers this. There are many more ways companies out there can cheat merchants out of their hard earned money, that we won't stoop to doing...but I'm not going to go into a sales mode on my blog.

I just thought I'd answer the question I've got from many of you out there. I work to make sure people are well taken care of when it comes to their hard earned dollars from their payroll to their payments. Payroll is another area where companies nickel and dime business owners, whereas my company doesn't. We don't charge for a lot of things that those other guys do. So bottom line---I work for a really great company that allows me to hold my head up. I like being the good guy among a sea full of sharks. The hard part is changing the perception out there that we're all alike, and proving that I am the good guy (or girl!)
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