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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How'd you ring it in?

Is it me or did Ryan Seacrest have some major blood shot eyes going on last night? Who knows how hard he's been working or if it was due to work at all, since New Years is party central, but it was so distracting to both me and my husband. He kept hitting pause on our DVR, saying, "Look how glassy and red they are!" Although I was diggin' his tie! It was very 80's.

It also made me sad fto watch Dick Clark. He's had so many surgeries, I'm sure. How else can his face be so smooth and his hands be so wrinkled? He seemed to still be sharp as a tack, but physically you can tell how he's breaking. He's such an icon, and I can't imagine New Year's without him on the tele! How old is he anyway? Does anyone know?

We were pretty boring last night...nothing exciting to ring the new year in. We sat like just another night and had our standard family routine. I put my son to bed a little more late than normal, and tried to stay up to see the ball drop. Emphasis on TRIED...I couldn't make it. I had my husband record the last hour, so that I could watch Natasha Bedingfield today.

So this year, we rang in the new year with normalcy...yawn! But, it was nice to just be at home with my loved ones. I'm sure each year that passes, as my son gets older, we'll have more to do with him. He knows it's 2008, but doesn't quite get ityet. In future years, we'll be celebrating as a family. I look forward to that.

How'd you all ring it in??
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