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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hockey Mania

So my husband started taking my son to hockey games this last October/November. I don't remember which month, but it was toward the end of the year. My dad went with them one time, so it was a super guys night out. My son came home with his own wooden Blazers hockey stick that night, with the Marty Standish's name and number on it.

My husband is a sports anything enthusiast, from little league, football, bowling, baseball...etc. I think you get the idea. My son is going to be just like him. He's already rain man when it comes to games he's attended and the sports and team info. He can rattle off every Blazers game he's been to, who they played, and the score.

For Christmas, my husband's grandfather sent a nice check for my son's gift. We turned around and went down to the Ford Center to buy him an authentic hockey jersey. It was one he could grow into and still fit when he's like 8 or 9. As it is now, it looks like a short dress with the sleeves rolled up. I can't pry that thing off him. I thought his drum set would be his favorite gift, since he worked so hard for it. BUT nooo, it's his darned hockey jersey. I have to wash that thing daily!!!

He wears it to sleep in. He wants to wear it every day. He wears it to school. He wears it to Wednesday night church. Thank goodness, I can convince him to wear what he calls his 'handsome' clothes to church on Sundays.

Right now it's hanging to dry, after he got his morning's breakfast pancake syrup on his rolled up sleeve. He'll wait for it to dry and try to convince me to let him wear it on today's errands. Then he'll tell everybody and their dog that he's got on his Blazers HOCKEY JERSEY, like they're also supposed to be so impressed. I thought it was funny the first few 50 times or so, but by now the new of his jersey has worn off of me. I'm shaking my head with a grin as I type. That silly sports kid...just like his dad.

Oh and by the way he got STANDISH #8 on the back, because that's what is on his stick. We thought he'd want his own last name on it....yeah...not so much.
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