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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today I'm shooting a friend and her daughter. Well not shooting them...but taking pictures. Every time I say shoot in conversation, I get weird looks so I thought I'd clarify for those that don't know that I love photography. Yesterday was in the 30's and today's supposed to reach 60 degrees. The weather here is nothing but crazy. You never know if it's going to have record highs or an ice storm a day apart from one another...and you wonder why it's called tornado alley...and the bible belt. We need Jesus to weather the storms here! Well we all need Jesus...but you get my drift.

I'll post some pics from the shoot on here with my friend's permission later today or tomorrow. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Saturday.

As an update...I thought I'd lost 5 pounds (remember my new years post) but I've lost more like 2 1/2 pounds. I didn't set any resolutions to lose weight this year. I only promised myself to eat more healthy and sweets in moderation. Not that I eat a lot of sweets, b/c I don't. But once a month I crave chocolate....I think we all know why. So I've limited myself to chocolate LA Lite bars. They give me the chocolate rush I need while providing me energy without all the junk.

I've been adding in more fruits and vegetables, & I've increased my water intake. In 2 weeks I've lost almost 3 pounds. I'd say that's good, but what's great is the energy I have. I'm getting more housework done. I'm sleeping better...and my moods are more even keel.

I'm liking this eating healthy thing....
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