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Saturday, November 03, 2007

You got me?

Today was a momentous occasion as a mom, as I watched my son take flight on his bike....training wheel free. We took the training wheels off last week, but today was the first day he felt daring enough to try his riding it without the safety net.

We got home around 5 p.m. and the beautiful weather just beckoned. As soon as he got out of the car, he wanted to try riding. I didn't worry too much about the helmet and knee pads, as I wasn't going to let go, so off we went holding him steady on his bike. He toodled around the driveway a few times, until I offered a venture on the sidewalk. It was a much straighter path, and it would be easier on my back as I bent over to hold him steady.

Once I saw how well he was doing, driving a straight line, I slowly let go. I told him, "I still got 'cha buddy. Keep going!" In truth, I was close enough to catch him if he fell, but he was sailing fast and furious on his own volition down the sidewalk without any knowledge of my release. It was one of 'the' most proud moments as a mom so far. It's right up there with his first step!

Once his first wheel ran into the grass, I grabbed his seat and slowed him down. He got off and turned around with the biggest smile. He realized that I grabbed a hold of him to stop him from falling, and it dawned on him he'd been riding solo.

"Did you let go mom?"
"Yes, I did...I'm so proud of you!"
(huge smile) "Can we do it again?"
"Sure we can...let's go!"

30 more minutes of riding solo down a 10 foot path.....back and forth....until I had to force him to come inside. The street lights were turning on, and the temperature was dropping a little. When we started back inside, I kissed the top of his head and hugged him tight. He turned his little face up and said, "I blew you a kiss from my heart..."

It's been a really great day!

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