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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Play dates with the dudes!

Today my son and his two friends went to see the Bee Movie, which we all thouroghly enjoyed. There were a few things that weren't exactly on my kid friendly approval list, but they were so far above their little heads/minds that I overlooked them. The overall message was a good one and the humor was adorable.

I toted my son and his best friend, in my car. And we met his other friend and his mom at the theater. It was the first time we've gotten them all together, other than at a birthday party. It was so cool seeing their excitement just to be able to hang with 'the guys'!

We couldn't even find the right movie screen at first. I specifically asked for (in clear English) The BEEEEE Movie at the ticket window! When we walked in, and the theater attendant took our tickets, he told us to go to theater #19. We all walked the nine million miles to screen number 19, and walked in...only to find out that it wasn't The Bee Movie at all. It was full of older couples that ranged from 40 -60. There were no kids in the audience, and the movie trailors coming on were not kid friendly at all. My friend and I walked our boys out, and I pulled my tickets out of my pocket. They read, "American Gangster"

Now why on earth would I take two 4 1/2 year olds to American Gangster??? Didn't the girl at the ticket window have ears? Didn't the young kid at the ticket gate wonder why a mom would take young kids to a mobster movie? Pleeaase people...pay attention!

We finally found which screen the Bee Movie was playing at....a mile back at the #2 theater. We picked our seats and the boys told us to sit on the outside of them. They had to sit in the middle so they could be together. I know not to long into the future it will be sitting on a different row than the moms....and then just being dropped off 'mom' free. Sniff...

I enjoyed watching them more than the movie...their little faces and smiles, while the movie played. They'd stop and whisper to each other during certain parts of the film. I have no idea what they were talking about but it sure was cute to watch. My son had to sit in between his two friends...of course.

When we left the film, he told us moms, "The guys walk in front and the mom's walk behind!"
He grabbed his buddies and put his arms around their shoulders, guiding them ahead of the moms. I wish I had my camera, b/c it was a picture that would have been worth a thousand words.
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