Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's wrong with people?

Somedays I swear! My boss is the best boss I've had so far in my seventeen years of sales, so I'm not trying to vent too much...honestly.

Yesterday, I had to leave the office early to pick up my son, who was vomiting at school. I rushed by my boss's office when leaving the building and gave him the 4-1-1 just before leaving. I just knew that something would be said when we talked next.

Most days I work in the field, some mornings I make calls from home, and three afternoons I work from my boss's office. Last month was the worst month I've had in my year and a half with this company, but it was due to some personal reasons...not founded on job performance. I've been a consistent player on my team hitting just over my goals. I think that is something to get a pat on the back for considering my child has been in the hospital twice in a five-month period...and we've been struggling financially just to pay our bills.

There is another male co-worker, who has been recently injured and can't drive to see clients. So they (the superiors at my office) have been turning in deals for him, to make sure he gets paid. We're all on straight commission. I think this is a wonderful way to support your team, when someone is injured or unable to drive to see clients. However, they're not just giving him what's needed to get by. They're giving him twice the amount needed to survive, and now he's the sales leader for the team. I see email after email commending this person's performance with our company.

Not once while I was unable to work when my son was in the hospital, did I receive any aid. Last month, when I had some personal issues, leaving me slightly incapacitated for the month...did I get a handout? No, and I would never whine and ask for one!!

Today when my boss called, he asked me what my plan was for the day. I told him it was to make sure my son was taken care of. His response? Well, get him better and take him to daycare.

My response:
WHAT? Um, when my son is puking out both ends I will be here to take care of him. Besides no daycare would take a child who is sick like that.

I am completely frustrated today! This man has a new son, who's been sick before. BUT instead of watching him at home...he toted this adorable newborn, in his carrier, to the office. So I guess I could never expect him to understand how different men and women are when it comes to the caretaking of their children. I had to work really hard at not being offended.

I get that he's worried that I'm not where he thinks I should be. But after one shaky month in sales, I'm treated like a sales pariah. I have no hard feelings toward the co-worker who is getting help from the company. Even after hearing that they've asked other sales persons to write things in his name...I'm not bitter. Okay maybe a little bitter... but bottom line I'm glad he's getting some aid while he's unable to drive. But it's got me thinking maybe I should fake an injury, grow some balls, and they'd go out of their way to help me too.


Anonymous said...

That's the eternal struggle of being a working mom. I hope your son feels better soon. Don't let the boss-man get to you. You're right about men and women seeing things differently, especially when it comes to this type of situation. He's probably not being insensitive. He just truly isn't capable of seeing things from your perspective.

Joeprah said...

Sounds like you need to stick up for yourself and have a professional meeting with your employer and let them know where you stand or this may carry over for a while. I think it is a good idea in the sense just so they know not to push you around and dump on you. Guys get paid more and that just sucks. Women kick ass too and deserve respect. I am a stay at home dad and I am wifes biggest fan at work and I constantly act as her support group after a long day in a male dominated industry. I would be pissed if I were you too. I am on your side girlfriend.

Loz said...

You know there is one tenet I try to live by which says "Always do your best" just recognise that some days it is better than others. If you live by that you'll sleep well and not worry about what other people think.
BUT, be prepared to defend your self if you need to ;)

Kimberly McKay said...

Thanks to you all for listening to my rant. Most days I ignore the boys club, and do my best. But yesterday it got under my skin understandably. :) Today is a new day!

Momo Fali said...

I don't blame you for being upset. That stinks. Glad to hear things are better today! Hang in there! And, I hope your son is feeling better too!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Me are you are similar. I have been in this same situation many times. I am constantly overlooked and it seems like when you are in need of some help, you never get it, but oh boy, someone else is sure taken care of. I guess we both need to grow some balls and work the system? Hehe, but, unfortunatly, people like me and you, never would do that.

I see your above comment, saying this was your rant. I do not this this was a rant, it was real. I enjoyed it. I know a lot of my post on my blog seem like they are moody, but that is what makes mine different. My life is not all sugar and spice and I am sure other people can relate to it. I am glad you got to rant, makes you feel better huh? lol.

Annie said...

I agree 100% with Joeprah! This is blatent discrimination and you should not tolerate it!

I'm sorry it happened, and I'd be venting big style, too.

Kimberly McKay said...

You all are so kind. I try to not get upset at anything unless warranted. I felt this was! attitude. Monday is coming and I'm ready to show em what I'm made of.

Rebecca said...

Sorry I'm late on reading this one. It sounds like you've gotten yourself ready for the new week & I hope it's a good one. I think that for a company to step up & help someone in that position is great, but they really should have guidelines so it's a fair system. Help all or help none & once so many sales are reached (or whatever measurement) then it should stop, so that it's fair to all. Plus, I'm sure someone could end up getting a bonus or recognition that really wasn't their doing & that's not fair either.

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