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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The beauty of life

What do you find beautiful? I think it's different for each and every one of us. Tonight as I sat on my porch, watching my son and husband play soccer in the yard, I realized just how beautiful life can be.

If you ever read my other blog, daily blessings, you'll know how blessed I feel on a daily basis. So why was tonight so special?

Because my husband and I are so financially strapped that it's not even funny, but no matter how bad that gets...my life is still perfect just the way it is. To hear my son's laughter, and see his smile as he spends time with his parents overshadows all the stresses in my life.

Do I wish I still had a job with a stable income? Yes! Would I sacrifice the time away from my son to do so? NO WAY!

I left a job, of five years, making over 70K but was becoming so involved at work that I had nothing left over to give my family. Now I work from home, on straight commission. If I don't sell....I don't bring home a paycheck. Some months are steady, and then there are months like last month where no money came home. And we're in the hole...trying to survive.

So this month I take a deeper breath, dig in and work hard while I while still being able to spend time with my family. God is good!

Even if we have to take a hit financially for a little while now, while I'm waiting for my client base to build up, it's worth skimping and living below our means. BECAUSE I'm now making in an investment in my son, and that's time I'd never get back. Life is not only good...it's beautiful.
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