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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Toddler sippy cups and more

For years, there have been concerns about plastics and toxins leaking into our systems. The question to eat microwave dinners or not....the dilemma of freezing bottled water. Both concerns are valid and potentially dangerous.

My aunt saw a disturbing report on the national news last week in the airport. She was waiting to board and saw a picture on TV of a sippy cup, that looked like the one my son has used. She focused on the newscast to see what it was about and was immediately concerned.

The newscaster was telling of a new report linking plastic sippy cups to neurological disorders in infants and toddlers. It reported that as adults we're less vulnerable to the dangers of bad plastics, but our kids are in danger.

I googled to see what I could and found a lot of disturbing reports out there. I found out not only was it neurological disorders that I needed to be concerned with, but genetic/fertility issues also came into play.

It's way over due to to wean my son from his sippy cups, so I feel silly stating that my four year old still uses them. NO longer....I recycled them all this week. IT was perfect timing as he couldn't use straws or sippy cups after surgery. I tossed them all out...including all his plastic cups. If it's not paper or glass, I will try not to use it.

I though you'd all like to know what I found out. Here's the link to a few reports I found:

Bad Plastic
Weird Science

Here's what I'm doing to protect my family:
*Using more glass and no plastic cups
*Switching to metal and glass food storage
*Using paper towels to cover items in microwave instead of plastic wrap
*Use my water dispenser in my refridge and reducing my intake of bottles water
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