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Monday, August 13, 2007

Surgery? What surgery?

This morning was pretty easy. We had two people come by the waiting room, from our church, to pray with us over our son. I already had peace that he wouldn't have any issues from the anesthetics. My mom is highly sensitive to it and almost hasn't woken up from it a few times. We weren't sure how my son would react.

Giving him his sleep meds...what ever they were...was pretty funny. I saw my son at four stoned from the meds, which was funny but disturbing at the same time. The reality hit when the nice nurse walked out with him, and he slurred, "Hey yooou guyzzz. Wuhhaait fer mmee rrright hr."
Translation....he wanted us to wait for him to get out in our pre-op room.

All in all it took 45 minutes or so. The nurse even called me from the surgical room when my son was put under to reassure me that everything was going smooth. The other mothers in the room all commented that they wished their doctor's would have done the same thing for them. I thought it was extremely considerate of my doctor to make sure his staff handled everything with as much professionalism as they did. They all were fantastic at informing us every step of the way.

We had a little issue with his oxygen levels when he came out of surgery, so they called me back to hold him in the post-op room. As soon as he felt my embrace, even as out of it as he was, he calmed and started breathing well.

We got home at 10ish and he slept till noon. Murphy's law...he was awake the whole time and as soon as I got him settled and sleepy again is when FedEx and UPS decided to ring the doorbell with a delivery. The dog started barking twice in 30 minutes and I had no one home to put a sign on the door...so all I could do is hold him and hope he'd sleep.

It's 9:18 p.m. and he's gotten progressively better all day, which is what's expected. My favorite part of the day is when he started saying, "Mom, I can hear so much better now! And I can breathe!" He smiled in amazement and took a deep breath in and out of his nose and continued, "See! And I can hear now!"

Thank the Lord for the continued watch over me and my family!!
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