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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crazy Dayz

So I'm really in a good mood today. Not that I'm not most days, but we all know some days are better than others. Usually most working moms get really worn out, pretty fast.

Lately though God has blessed me with so much peace. Not only has He graced me with a better outlook, but He's provided some really good things at work for me. I made top 25 for my region for last quarter, which I wasn't expecting. That was a huge surprise. Plus I sold my first contract today for a new beta product that my company has. I'm one of 30 people in the whole company to have signed a deal on it so far. God is so good. I want to shout at the top of my lungs today.....yipppeee!

On top of all this it's been really hectic at work. (Then again...when is anyone's work not hectic?) It's just been a little more crazy than normal. All I can do is laugh...especially when my husband has commented at dinner, "I call you and all I hear is: Hey babe..how's your day...Ooops that's my other line....gotto go! I swear it happened five times today!" He just laughs at me.

Being overloaded, crazily enough, is good. It makes the day pass quickly, although when you work part from home you never leave the office, and it means my pipeline is growing. And all that means is more opportunity to make a living! Amen...that's what we need around here...more ways to pay our bills!

I added a crazy pic on today's post, b/c lately I feel a little surreal! Have a great day everyone!
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