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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Boot Scootin' Baby

Friday night was my sister's birthday party, which was held at an old haunt of mine. It's since changed hands and is under a new name, Club Rodeo, but it's still the same old place. A few things have changed, like the location of the dance floor. They've added a bull pen at the end, for live bull riding. The crowd last night was a little older, but it's the same ol' place. In fact, I almost could dictate what song would be played from hour to hour....country then rock....country then dance music. It was fun!

I hadn't two stepped in about 10 years, but it was like riding a bike. I danced with our friends all night as my husband left a little early to go get our son. I stayed to spend the night out on the town with my best friend and sister. She's one in the same!

And although I'm still sleepy today...it was well worth it! It was great being there with all my loved ones...from my sis & her boyfriend, to my brother in law and future sister in law and my husband and friends. I loved being there as a 30 something happily married girl.

I think the funniest part of the night was when I went to bathroom. As I was in there, I started having those occasional 20 something flashbacks to when I was in there primping in the mirror to make sure I looked my best. In my mind, I saw my best friend Whit and I sharing lipstick and checking ourselves to make sure we were suitable to make the walk back out of the ladies room to re-enter the meat market.

Ten years later... and this time it was just me....and all I had to do was go pee. I wasn't there in a desperate rush to empty my full bladder from all the beer to get back in time for a line dance. I was just there to do my business and get back to my husband, who always loves the way I look. Plus I didn't do a drunk wobble back to our section of the bar, as I stayed with in my 2 drink limit.

It was great to revisit my old stompin' grounds. Who knew 10 + years later I'd be in that same bar, but be a totally different girl?
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