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Friday, July 13, 2007

ONE last trip

Okay Sunday I leave for one last trip! I think this is the most I've traveled for any job ever! 4 weeks straight I've been going...going...gone!

I won a trip for our annual bash, so a lot of us will be celebrating for 4 days next week. It will be all business attire or business casual.....bummer! I would like to be comfortable, but being dressed for work isn't always so.

I will be more regular in my blogs once I'm back. I've been too busy to sit and write as I've been driving my arse off or flying somewhere for the last month.

By the way, last time I got home from Savannah...I came home to a big WELCOME HOME banner with balloons and streamers. My son has already told me he wants to have another surprise party for me when I get home this time.

I can't wait to sneak in at mid-night and wait for him to wake up to yell, "surprise"!
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