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Friday, July 20, 2007

Making Mischief

As usual I picked my son up after work, at my caretaker's place. I asked him how school was today. I knew they had a moon bounce for that day's fun activity. He and his best friend are always together and having fun....rowdy boy fun, and I knew he was looking forward to the moon bounce.

My little boy was so excited and proceeded to tell me that his best friend, Isaiah, was in the moon bounce, while he was trying to find another way in. He wanted to crawl up inside it. He told me he unzipped it to get inside. He said, "But Mommy! It deflated with Isaiah in inside!" I assumed when he wanted inside...he meant inside where Isaiah was, bouncing.

I stopped to think about what he just said. I asked him if he was inside it with his little friend while it deflated. He said, "No, it just bent over and the air went out. I heard my teachers saying...hmmmm....some kid must have let the air out."

I had this funny feeling when my son continued, "I just felt the air blow in my face when I unzipped it, but I didn't tell my teachers anything! So none of us got to bounce in then after that."

I gave the other adult in the room eye contact and we finally understood that he wanted to unzip the bottom of the moon bounce, to get inside...underneath. He wanted to figure out how it worked and to climb inside...underneath.

All I could picture was this poor little boy on the moon bounce sinking into it while it deflated. It was the funniest thing ever, but I couldn't laugh and encourage him to deflate all moon bounces in the future. All I could say was, "Well now you know what happens when you unzip em! Just don't do it again!"

Now I have to drop him off at school and wonder if the teachers know 'which' child deflated the large moon bounce. Oh goodness.....mischief is among us in my household!
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