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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Get out of here mom!

It's finally happened...and a lot sooner than I thought it would. My little four year old baby asked me to get out of the bathroom so he could dry off in privacy. For months I've been letting him shower alone with ground rules, and I've always been with in ear shot in case of an accident. The rules were:

1) Answer if I call to check on you...to make sure all is well
2) No jumping or horseplay since it's slippery
3) No water outside of shower
4) Call me when you need to get out

I've not yet allowed him to get out b/c of his dare devil ways. He wants to hop out or step on the tub's side with wet feet. That's a huge no no!

Well tonight, he called to get the water turned off and proceeded to tell me to GET OUT MOM! Just in the last few weeks he's growing up so fast! I swear he's grown 2 inches in the last week! And he's not only picking out his own clothes, buy mine as well. What happened to my little boy?
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