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Friday, May 25, 2007

Prayer mixed with a little Ozzy

When I was getting out of the shower this morning, my husband rushed in and said, "Come here, you've got to hear this!"
I dried off and listened from my room to my son saying the sweetest prayers on his kareoke machine. It wasn't hard to hear since he had it turned it to the loudest volume setting.

I heard:
"Dear Jesus, Thank you dying on the cross for me. You rose again and you love me...thank you. My mom likes roses and she saves them after they die! Oh and please bless 'Abensengya' (thats the little boy we sponsor in Africa). Give him a house with bricks instead of mud and sticks...oh please give him a garage door and food! He doesn't have food like I do because he's on the other side of the earth, where its dusty and dirty. But the moon is a dusty surface, and it's okay. Thank you Jesus, Amen!"

I was amazed at his prayer and then all of the sudden he broke out in:
AAAAAlll Aboard! Haahaaahaaa! I-I-I-I....crazy train!

My husband has me set to Ozzy Ozborne on his cell phone, so when I call it rings that crazy song. It is apparently my son's favorite song right now.

I busted up laughing! Especially at the thought of Jesus 'rose' again and my son visualizing roses! Kids are so funny!
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