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a little humor for the day

My son has definitely got the teasing thing down pat. He even does it with the cut of his eyes and a coy smile....Man ladies....WATCH out! He's gonna be a lady killer and he's complimentary to boot! He knows the exact moment when to tell me how beautiful I am, which always makes my day.

The other day we had one roll of toilet paper in the house. Obviously it was time for me to get to the grocery store. He ran to his bathroom to go, and ran back to me asking for a roll. I gave him mine from my bathroom and watched his eyes get real big.

He told me, "but Mommy now you won't have any!"
I told him not to worry he could have it, and he ran back to do his business. A couple of hours later, nature did it's calling for me and I jotted to the bathroom. I sat down, went pee, and looked to my toilet paper.

I yelled for my son and he dutifully came running to my bedroom door. I told him I needed some toilet paper, and asked if he would bring me back the roll from his bathroom. He smiled that smile and shook his head. I asked again...patiently because I knew he was teasing me. He shook his head.

I said, "Okay, maybe not the whole roll. Tear off 4 squares for me, please?"
He turned to the door knob where I had some personal laundry drying, picked up my bra, and cocked his head. He gave me that look and smiled when saying, " can use this!"

At this point I was a little exasperated. I blurted out his full name and he knew I meant business. He ran off and came back with 2 tissues from the kleenex box. He still wouldn't bring me his toilet paper.

He laughed all the way back to me and giggled non stop. He thought it was so funny to hold me captive on the toilet. If he weren't so cute, I would not have laughed along with him.

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So, yesterday was voting day for many offices like County Clerk and Congress.   I always want to educate myself on the many issues and campaign trailblazers so I can make my voice count.  Voting is our God-given right which wasn't even acknowledged by our nation until the women's suffrage movement.  Many of our great - great grandmothers met, marched, and went on strike to strive for the right to vote.
When I hear anyone I come in contact with say that due the fact that they don't like anyone on the ballot they're not going to vote - it blows my mind!  We are blessed with that privilege!  And even if you don't like anyone, to not vote is still casting a vote because your voice isn't heard.  
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And I feel guilty for being trapped in this fog of sorrow, as I'm not the one who lost my life long partner of over 20 years. I'm not the one who just got my husband back from Afghanistan, only to lose him to an unexpected death.

I can not fathom how my friend is coping, walking step by step through the process of burying her soul mate at the tender young age of 39.

Brian Naranjo would have been 40 years old on February 29th, 2012. Brian Naranjo would have his whole life ahead of him.  He would have been celebrating a marquis year, when you're supposed to reflect on where you've come and what you have left to do. 

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