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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been replaced

Last weekend we attended one of the many birthday parties that we've been invited to. It's definitely birthday season! My son is the kind of kid that interacts better with adults, but is still social. He's a first born with no siblings, yet, so that makes sense. He's become such a social butterfly in the last 5 months and it's so good to see. I'm glad he's not off watching other kids have fun from the side anymore.

One of the girls from his class was at this party. She's a beautiful Greek girl that is the same age as my son, but a head taller than he is. Her parents are really tall and gorgeous people. Okay....they're Greek so that makes sense too.

The entire party he kept asking me, "Is it okay if I go play with Toni?" or "Mom, can I sit with Toni?"
I couldn't figure out if he was trying to get my permission or if he wanted to make sure I'd be okay without him. It was so cute.

By the end of the party he was glued to her side for good. While all the kids rode horses on the carousel, those two rode the couples bench. The wind kept blowing her hair around and eventually blew her little cowgirl hat off. My son proceeded to fix her hair and place her hat back on. If they weren't four I would have stuck my finger down my throat and gagged. BUT they were too cute!

On the way home, I looked in my review mirror and reflected on how big he was getting. I asked if he had a good time with Toni, and he said, "Yeah, Mom....Toni's so cute. She's my new girl friend....you were my old girlfriend, and now I've switched!"

HA! It was the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life! Until the following week at school, when I picked him up...He apparently has two girlfriends now! One's blonde and one's brunette...both taller than him and gorgeous! Man my kid can pick em!
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