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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Home From the Hospital

My little one was rushed to the ER yesterday from being dehydrated, due to a nasty stomach bug. His doctor told me that his body was producing acid, which was in his bloodstream. It's side effects were vomiting and diarrhea, so even if the bug were on the tail end...my son wouldn't have stopped throwing up at both ends. He basically was in a downward spiral to no end.

I thank the Lord that He gave me the clarity and wisdom to know to get him the help he needed and fast. My mother added his name to a prayer chain, through church, and put the word out to our huge family of believers. So, we had so many loved ones and friends praying for him. God has answered our prayers in a desperate time of need. He's gone from being non-responsive to an alert little boy. He's now home, re-hydrated, but we're watching him to make sure he doesn't relapse.

Please keep us in your prayers as well for continued healing.
Thank you to all of my friends!
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