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Thursday, May 03, 2007

a boss' admission

Working moms and working women everywhere understand how taxing it is to compete in today's work force. We're expected to play and work hard like the boys, but never really get invited to be a part of the boy's club. Most 'politically correct' work environment's will deny the boy's club existence, but we women see it every day. They bond easier, which is fine, but it leads to their promotions first and their higher salary increases.

The job I left a year ago was such a place. As I would leave my former boss' office, he would make a sexually gray comment about me or another woman. I say gray because it wouldn't be enough to get him in trouble, just enough to leave him some wiggle room to explain it away as a joke.

In sales, I was a top performer, who won corporate sales awards and incentive trips on a continual basis, but got passed up for promotions b/c I had a child. No boss wanted a woman with child in a higher demanding job, because of the liability a child
proposed. Men would get the sought after positions and such the increased salaries

When I would come to work, on 2 hours or less of sleep, my boss would joke, "Hey medicate that kid! Give him benedryl so you can get some sleep. You need to be able to preform at work!"

My performance wasn't the issue...I excelled on a regular basis. I was his go-to girl. When something needed to be done, he knew he could rely on me vs. most of his male employees, who got to sit on their cans more. The 'boy's club' members were able to do less because of their elite membership. Obviously the lack of respect I felt and the impossibility of being a quality mother, gave me an easy choice to quit.

My new career, is one that allows me to work from home some. I still have to be in the office about 8 - 10 hours a week, but it's nothing compared to the other grinding position I held. My new boss is someone that I truly respect. He's young and has a lot to learn about being a manager, but he's a good Christian guy who genuinely cares about each of his employees. He's honest and fair, which is hard to come by.

My new boss, Phil, has a new 6 week old baby...he and his wife's first child. This past year he's been pretty understanding about my family schedule with my son. If I had to take care of him during the work day, it was no big deal as long as I was working from home or making up the time else where.

Last week before picking my son up from his day care, I called my boss on my cell. I normally check in with him throughout the day to give him updates on different accounts I'm working on, or who I've sold. I heard his little baby in the background and asked him how his son was doing. He told me his son was sick. His wife just returned back to work, so Phil was watching his son for the day while working. I grinned to myself and thought, Now he know's how I feel everyday.

The next thing out of his mouth blew me away. He said, "You know Kim, I have to give you credit. I never knew how hard you worked and on top of that I never realized how wonderful you do. You're doing a really good job for me and it's harder for you than anyone else. I understand what you deal with everyday know and I have a whole new appreciation for you. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work!"

HALLELUJAH! What a blessing I have in this job and this boss. I thank God for putting me in a place that finally understands how hard women work....not just understand but acknowledge it!

My boss is a great guy and I'm very blessed to have a place with this company. A company that lets me be a hard working woman and a mom! That's unheard of in corporate America, and although I'm struggling financially .... it's a trade off I'm willing to take!
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