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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When mom's the bad guy...

Most days are so easy with my little boy. He's an absolute joy to be around, and I understand how blessed I am. Today though was a rough morning! He was being a pill .... part because he was under the weather ... part because he wasn't allowed a donut.

He threw a fit for an hour, which only made his congestion and cough worse. Basically I was the bad guy for not giving him his way. I know all mom's have these moments, so I'm not complaining. I think the major issue I'm dealing with him right now is...he doesn't listen. He's not respecting me when I tell him to do or not to do something. Is this normal behavior for a four year old???

If any of you have Veggie Tale movies at home for your kids, you may remember the SUV song. They sing about 'cruising to 7-11 for dunkin donuts and a cup of joe'. My son just laughs at that and thinks its hilarious. So today we were supposed to cruise by 7-11 to get a donut before going to his care givers. He disobeyed my on something 'small' and I chose to take that privelage away from him.

I know, as parents, we have to choose our battles and taking a donut away for a small infraction isn't that big of a deal. Maybe I should have overlooked the behavior and rewarded him with a sweet donut. BUT the big picture is that he's not listening a lot lately and I was just tired of it!

It's small stuff he's ignoring me on now, but it will be bigger stuff when he's older. I feel like I have to nip it in the bud now to prevent the big stuff from happening down the road.

Can any of you moms give me any feed back here? Do all four year olds go through this phase?
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