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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My evil twin

Not a week doesn't go by that I don't have someone say,"I swear I just saw you at the mall." And even when I profess I hadn't been to the mall, or where ever else my alter was spotted, these random people swear they've seen me in various places I haven't been. About 70% of the time when I'm meeting someone new, I often get,"I've seen you before. Where have we met?"

No, for those of you thinking that it's a pick up line...usually it's not. I can tell the difference. Most times it's someone who's seen someone else who 'supposedly' looks exactly like me! It's weird actually to get that type of comment so often. I usually just reply with one of two answers: "Well, that's my evil twin...I hope she was behaving herself this time!" or "Yeah, I get that a lot...I must have one of those generic faces that looks like anyone else."

So to put all of your twin theories to rest, I have posted my celebrity look alike chart with my photo front and center. If you see some one out there who looks JUST LIKE ME, please stop her and ask her for her name. I'd like to know who it is who keeps impersonating me! Thank you very much!

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