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Friday, April 13, 2007

working moms

I was leaving my son's mother's day out program last week, while on my cell phone. I am not usually one of those rude people, who talk loudly and ignore their surroundings. When I was walking to my car, I apologized to another mom walking out next to me.
"Sorry," I whispered and shrugged my shoulders, "...Conference call for work...I have to be on here."
She looked at me and said, "Man, how nice is it to be working while you're taking care of your son? I don't work, but some days I wish I did just to have some sanity."

I smiled and nodded, giving her the "I understand" look and we parted ways. I got in my car and again reminded myself how fortunate and blessed I was. I honestly have the best of both worlds.

*YES, I have to work!
We can't survive on one salary. We barely survive on two, now that I work from home.

BUT, I can choose how I work!
We used to make a lot more when I worked an office sales job that had me tied to corporate politics sun up to sun down. I made money, but couldn't be a quality care giver to my son. I was miserable and cranky, and my health was failing from the stress of having to balance being a super mom and being the top sales persona.

I left a year ago out of necessity. It was necessary to my health and my son's well being to have a mom first! Now I have the flexibility to take care of my first priority-my family.

I still do that by working hard! I still have 40 hours I put in, but during some of those hours...he's with me. I get to take care of business and my family. There isn't a better gig in the world for a woman like me, who has to work!

I thank God every day for his blessings...a wonderful family and a wonderful job!
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