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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm such a dork!

My husband has worked in the media, and more specifically the music business, for quite some time. He has access to concerts, and meet and greets to most any show that rolls into town. This time he planned on taking me to Rod Stewart, who isn't one of my favorites but I know my husband really likes him. So I wanted to go to in order to give him a night out!

If you've read the last few blogs, you already know I've had an upper respitory thing going on. I'm coughing enough to make you cringe, and knew I wouldn't be good company for tonight's show. Long story short, he put an email out at his office to multiple departments to see if anyone wanted to go out with him to tonight's show.

The only respondant was a single, cute, young female that although is engaged to be married is still none the less...single. I completely trust my husband! I know he loves me and would never cheat on me, but it still made me uncomfortable that he'd be spending time with someone other than me. Now let me clarify, that if one of my female legally unattached friends wanted to go with him...I wouldn't care! But I didn't know this girl that wanted to go with my husband to hear Rod Stewart croon love songs! I am being a complete dork in feeling this way, but I was a little jealous!

I'm so lucky I have such a good natured husband. I told him how I felt and he chuckled, "Baby you're so cute!" He called his work friend back and told her he couldn't take her, which made me feel so much better.

I normally don't care where my husband goes, or who he's with, because I know he's in love with me and always comes home to me! But for some reason....I was a jealous female in spades today!
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