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Monday, April 09, 2007

The ego has already inflated

My son, who's four, has already become the expert on all things in this world. It must be a man thing...they think they know everything by the age of .... four, apparently.

Even though it's the beginning of spring and almost the middle of April, it's freezing here in Oklahoma. I'm coming down with a chest cold, and the weather feels like it's the middle of winter! It's horrible and I can't imagine why my son wants to go out in this weather at all. BUT...the other day he kept insisting that he get to go ride his bike around the driveway. "NO" just doesn't work at this age due to their intent drive to win any conversation. A four year old's goal is to get their own way come h--- or highwater.

After the fifth, "Mommy please! Can't I go ride my bike?", and my fifth, "NO. I told you it's too cold."
It got quiet and I thought I'd won the battle until this matter a fact voice came from my son's mouth with, "But Mommy, I'm smarter than you. I'd wear a coat!"

I almost lost it! It was the most funny thing he'd said in a couple of days. He's a pretty humorous kid, but that one was too funny not to laugh at.
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