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Monday, April 16, 2007

crud...now my son has it

I thought I'd get off scott free without passing this crud to my family. I covered my mouth when coughing, and washed my hands. Due diligence didn't really pay off though...luckily so far my son has a mild case of it. BUT...I started out pretty mild with my symptoms and they ramped up quickly. I just pray with the help of prayer and Triaminic, that he'll ease back into health a lot faster than I did.

Right now he's sleeping, which is the best thing for him. If the sickness will just stay in his nose/head, and keep out of his chest than all will be well. The hard part will be having to drop him off to my care giver. He won't understand why I have to go to work instead of staying home with him. He's too little too understand that because 'mommy' was sick and couldn't work for a few days that her full commission job won't pay her. He just knows that when I was sick I took a few days for me, so why won't I take a few days for him?

Sounds selfish, I know!! Most mom's reading this wouldn't understand the issue. They'd probably chastise me for even debating between the two...after all your child comes first! That he does, so undoubtably I will take time off to care for him.

I will take a couple of days off if he gets worse, but as of now it's just congestion and not chest related. It's a hard balance. I couldn't work last week when I had the crud. Anytime I tried to--my chest and throat would spasm and I'd cough up a lung. Clients didn't want to see me like that, and the best thing to do, so I could get back to work, was rest. Now the balance is: How many days do I work to make up the difference...and when do I take off for my son? It's no question my son comes first, however, I also have to provide for him. I don't have a salaried position, and our family relies on what I make to keep a roof over our head.

Ahhh, the joys of a working mom! I still wouldn't trade it for anything...life is too good!
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