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Sunday, April 01, 2007

all grown up

My son's first day of children's church was today! He woke up with a start and ran into my room, yelling, "I get to wave palms today mom!" What a wonderful way to get introduced to big kids's church -- by walking through the service waving palms for Palm Sunday! It was so exciting for him and me too!

He normally never attended nursery, because 'that was for babies!' --and because weekends were reserved mommy and daddy time. He chose to be with us, and we didn't mind at all. We sat in the overflow area, instead of the sancuary for four long years. This was monumental in two ways today. Today my little one was so grown up and simply walked to his class without a look back, and mom and dad got to sit "IN" church and listen to a sermon. Hallelujah!

Today was a great day!

Pardon the palm over my son's face, but I never print his full face on my blogs....only a profile or a back shot. It's a privacy thing, that I'm sure you can appreciate.
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