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Friday, March 30, 2007

New cell phone rules

Twice now my son has grabbed my cell phone while I've been...lets just say indisposed. The first time he actually blurted out, "No, she can't come to the phone...she's going poop!" Thank the Lord that it was just a friend on the phone that time.

Well....this morning I was sitting on my throne doing what most people have to do, from time to time, and I heard my cell phone ringing from the other room. I cringed inwardly hoping upon hope that he wouldn't answer my phone.

Yeah, right...like that's gonna happen. So of course, he answers and talks for a few minutes while walking into the bathroom. Thankfully he doesn't let it slip what my current activities were.

I grabbed the phone from him, put my fingers to my lips to shush him, and answered as professionally as I could, "This is Kim, how can I help you?" It was a client who needed something pretty important and in a timely manner. I apologized for my son's little voice answering and went on as best I could with our business.

Whew! I wasn't mad at my son. It was my fault for not covering the cell phone rules clearly enough. All I had ever told him was to be quiet when 'mommy' was on the phone for work. I never imagined I had to tell him not to answer my phone, but the need never arised until recently.

So I played him the two ring tones I had on my phone....'Sexy Back' by JT and 'Who Can It Be Now' by Men at Work. I explained to him if it played, "Who Can It Be Now" then it was a client and he wasn't supposed to answer. I played each one again and asked him which one he wasn't supposed to answer, and he sang the Men at Works little ringtone....

I think the new cell phone rule will work now!
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