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Monday, March 19, 2007

DH....not so darling today! The trials of balancing work and home.

Most days I really appreciate my hubby. He's supportive, attentive, loveable...and grouchy. What man isn't grouchy? It's something you learn to love about them.


Being a working mom isn't easy for any of us. Just recently I took a job that allows me to work from home most of the time. I guess he figures that means I don't have regulations, that I get to pick and choose when I HAVE to do some things.

Let me set the stage for you all:

Around 7 a.m. each morning is when my son usually will wake up asking for some milk/nesquick, which he calls pedia (short for pediasure). After he drinks about 1/4 cup, he usually rolls over and goes back to sleep, with his arms around my neck. I gently pull out of his embrace and replace my neck with a stuffed animal or pillow. Then I either go back to sleep, depending on my schedule for the day, or I get in the shower if I have early appointments.

Today I had a conference call at 7 a.m., which my DH (darling hubby) was well aware of. It had about 15 people on it and they were asking all to participate. Was I pleased about it? NO! It's too early and doesn't fit my schedule for my day, but do I do it? Yes!... ITS MY JOB!

Long story short... All is well, until I have to actually participate and speak. This is about the time my son starts finishing his 'pedia' and trying to hug me. Without giving me the chance to handle the situation, my DH rushes in the room, drastically waving his arms to tell me to get OUT! He was livid that I was going to keep our son up and wreck my son's morning sleep pattern.

He chewed me out (silently) as I left the room, as I was still speaking on the conference call. This by the way left me completely flustered and I couldn't get out what I needed to sound like a working professional on a call with my boss and my peers. That is part B of my aggrivation....part A is obvious.

You know to give him credit, I don't usually have to interact....I usually listen. BUT I do have a job too and I'm frustrated that he behaved so rudely. Yes, my son was crying b/c his morning was different than what he was used to...but my son can learn to get over it. It's just one morning in the big scheme of things....and if I have to take more 7 a.m. conference calls - than my little one will have to adjust to my schedule.

I think my DH was way out of line!

Thank you for listening. What do you all think I should do to redirec that convo? To let him know why he over reacted.......
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