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 As my publisher and I have finally parted ways, this is the second printing of FINDING KYLIE.  Make sure to look for the correct version on Amazon for paperback and kindle.

The synopsis for FINDING KYLIE is as follows: 

What if ... after laying your mother to rest, the mother who has been the only real family you ve ever known, you discover her secretive past in a set of hidden journals? 

What would you do if she was the only link to the father you never knew? A father you'd been told was dead, but was indeed very much alive... 

Twenty-five year old Chastity searches through her mother's belongings in hopes of finding any shred of evidence that leads to her father ... a man, she'd always felt was out there ... somewhere. 

Any glimmer of hope is dashed when she reads one tiny line scrawled across the back page of her mother's notebook. One traumatic sentence is all it takes to unravel her life long desire in a matter of seconds. Chastity uncovers the sordid truth, a truth that her mom, Kylie, tried to hide at all costs. This newfound information plunges Chastity into a new world of control, power, and hurt. 

With the help of her mother s best friend and a handsome attorney, hired before her mother's death, Chastity sorts her way through her new found family ties and the costs that come with it.

Acclaim for Finding Kylie

“Finding Kylie is an excellent first novel from novelist, Kimberly McKay.

It is a great story, told in an extremely innovative way … combining flashback, past narrative via a journal and first person narrative internal thought. These all combine to keep the story building in pace and intensity throughout the book. And the emotional turmoil of both the protagonist and her deceased mother (told through a diary) are deftly handled.

What I enjoyed most about this novel was how easy of a read it was, the characters were well thought through and the fact that the story is told through the aforementioned variety of techniques.

The end of the novel is left sufficiently open enough to expect a follow up. I hope there is one, as I personally look forward to this burgeoning talent bloom into a wonderfully accomplished novelist with a fantastically unique voice.”

                                    - John Schwab, actor and film producer 

                                                 ***Revised to edit a handful of errors.
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