Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Pronoun users - don't fear!!!

So, I just expanded my distribution with Pronoun ... like a month ago.  Yesterday, they announced they were shutting down and yelling timber all the way.  Sigh.

To all my fellow authors or would be authors, don't fear.  Digital2Draft is a great replacement.  They've got a larger distribution channel and a real LIVE person you can talk to.

My biggest issue with Pronoun was how UN-user-friendly they were.  It was a pain in my big behind to get something to upload correct the first, second or third time.  If you didn't use the right heading style or have a page break at the perfect spot, you'd spend hours trying to wrap your head around where the mistake was without the ability to talk to someone.  All you could do was send an email for help, hoping they'd get back to you.

So, far with one day under my belt with Draft2Digital - I am over the MOON with delight.

So, if you were like me yesterday ... in a bit of shock - don't stress.  You're back up option (Draft2Digital) probably should have been your starter option to begin with.

Call them up ... ask questions ... and don't wait until Jan 15th, when Pronoun to set to delete all books from their system.  Delete them now and transfer them over.  Then, watch how much easier it is to upload your files without a blip or a hassle.  And guess what?  If you get confused, there is a live person in a customer service call center where you can actually get some real help.

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